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Students work through a series of activities on the theme of Mt Fuji with a focus on the environment and significant world heritage sites.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

How to use the resource

This unit of work comprises a PPT presentation and a series of task sheets.

Activity 1: Kanji

Students learn about On and Kun readings of the kanji ‘mountain’.

Activity 2: Where is Fujisan?

Students search for images of Mt Fuji in art works and designs.

Activity 3: Fujisan song

Students learn to sing a traditional song about Fujisan.

Activity 4: Fujisan quiz

Students answer quiz questions on Fujisan.

Activity 5: Describing world heritage sites

Students research world heritage sites and describe a site of their choice.

Activity 6: Sacred Fujisan

Students read about the spiritual significance of Mt Fuji and answer questions.

Activity 7: Protecting Fujisan


Students read an article about problems with garbage on Mt Fuji and find Japanese keywords.

Step 2:

Students create and perform a skit about littering on Mt Fuji.

Activity 8: Video contest

Students create a video to promote protection of Mt Fuji and assess their work.