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Omatsuri -Bon-odori-

Students work through a series of activities based on the theme of bon-odori.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

How to use the resource

This unit of work comprises a PPT presentation and a series of task sheets.

Activity 1: Learn about bon-odori

Students learn vocabulary related to bon-odori.

Activity 2 : Yukata

Students learn about the yukata and make their original yukata with origami.

Activity 3 : Kanji

Students learn the kanji 'matsuri'.

Activity 4 : Uchiwa making

Students design their original fan and describe it in simple Japanese.

Activity 5 : Learn the bon-odori dance.

Students learn how to dance bon-odori in Japanese


Activity 6 : Invite a friend

Students learn how to invite a friend to bon-odori.

Activity 7 : Research other styles of dance in the world

Students research different dance types in the world and present one in simple Japanese.

Useful website

Bon-odori no sekai