Classroom Resources

Nihongo relay

Students compete in teams to read hiragana colour words and match them to the corresponding colour cards.

Level: Primary

How to use the resource

Preparation (Whole class)

Prepare a set of the following items for each team:
・a box containing 4 cards with the wordsしろ、くろ、あか、あお
・4 colour cards ( white, black, red and blue)
・a balloon made from origami or newspaper

Set up a table for the boxes with the hiragana cards.
Place the four coloured cards on the table.


1. Students revise colour words using the flashcards.

2. Using the PPT, the teacher explains the rules of the relay.

3. Students divide into teams and start the relay.


This game can be used for various word groups such as animals, food, numbers and Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji recognitions.