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How to use this site

This web-page contains a collection of classroom resources and activities for Japanese classes which have been created by The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

In future we hope to include contributions from Japanese teachers in Australia and beyond.

Resources are aimed at 3levels (Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary) and you can find them quickly by using tags.

Top Page

Here 3 resources are rotated at random for each level. You can find a list of all the resources for each level by clicking "See more" button. This enables you to see all the resources for each level.

To conduct your search, you can follow these steps.

1. Search for the level. Click Levels and choose the level on the menu bar (you can also click on the "See more" button.)

2. Narrow search by tag. Click on "+tag" button, then click on the appropriate tag. You can narrow your search further by clicking again on the "+tag" .

Search resources by Keywords

You can also search for resources by keywords. Type the keyword and click on the search button.