Classroom Resources

Survey: Getting Up and Going to Bed

Students practice the pattern of 「なんじに・・・ますか」 & 「~じに・・・ます」. The teacher can also conduct a class survey of students' waking and sleeping time by calling out various times and taking a tally.

Level: Junior_Secondary

Students fill in the form by circulating around the class to find a person who gets up/goes to bed at the same time as they do. Students who find those classmates have to get their signatures on his/ her handout and when they get 4 signatures go back to their seats.

Model Conversation

A なんじにおきますか。 / なんじにねますか。
B 7じにおきます。/ 9じにねます。
A あ、そうですか。どうもありがとう。(If not the same) おなじですね。(If the same)

Teacher Talk

「6じにおきますか。」Takes tally.「6じはんにおきますか。」etc.