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Play: The Boys and the Dango

This play, based on an old Japanese story, comes from a collection of plays and skits created by the ACT Japanese teachers’ group for use in their primary and junior secondary classrooms. Students work cooperatively in groups or as a class to prepare and perform the play for their classmates or at a school event.This story came from a NSW Dept of Education and Training School Magazine.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Story Outline

This story is based on an old Japanese story. A mother asks her son to take a bunch of flowers to her friend. While he is there, he eats dango - a traditional Japanese sweet - for the first time. He decides that he will ask his mother to make some dango for him, but he must remember the name of it until he gets home.


ひろこ=Hiroko (mother's friend)
じろう=Jiroo (Taroo's friend)


Cultural Notes


is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko(rice flour). Dango can be sweet or savoury-flavours include anko(azuki bean paste), soy source, kinako(soy bean flour), goma(sesame seed) and nori(seaweed).

Language Concepts

  • leave taking (ittekimasu, itterasshai, tadaima, okaerinasai)
  • ~ mashoo
  • ~ te kudasai

Web Link

the lyrics of 'Dango Sankyoodai' in Japanese, with a translation in English.