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Quiz: Japanese Food

Students learn about Japanese language and culture through a quiz-style slideshow, which contains multiple choice questions with visual cues. Question and answer slides are followed by an explanatory slide which gives context and detail.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Step 1: Students choose an answer

<PPT Example>

Step 2: Teacher confirms correct answer and gives details

Teachers can give further information from the teachers’ notes.


  • Teachers choose slides suitable for their students.
  • Images used are copyright free. Teachers can replace these with other images according to their needs.
  • Teachers may replace the あ、い、う、えof the multiple choice questions with numbers etc.
  • Answers can be announced in various ways depending on the number of students.


  • Students can go to one of the corners of the room to indicate their answer.
  • Students can decide on their answer in groups and show it by holding up a card.

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