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Using Flash Cards

Students can learn new vocabulary and play various games using the flashcards which cover many topics.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

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blue red white black yellow brown big small high low long short like hate skilful bad at nice/gentle strict simple/easy difficult fun interesting boring cute beautiful/clean scary healthy good amazing delicious


Be (living) Be (non-living) Wake up Go to bed Go Return home Eat Drink Watch/See Listen Write Read Play (eg, piano) Sing Put on (eg. jeans) Wear (eg. Uniform) Take off (clothes) Study Enter Speak Make Play/Have fun Take (eg. photo) Do/Play Can do Keep (pet)


Foodapple, lemon, strawberry, peach, melon, banana, fish, egg, orange, onion, grape, carrot, tomato, rice,burger, sandwich, sushi, ice cream
Subjectsmaths, science, society, music, physical education, calligraphy, computer, English, Japanese
Classroomwindow, door, blackboard, book, notebook, glue, scissors, rubber, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, chair, desk, clock
Classroom Expressionsstand, sit, raise your hand, hands down, look, read, open, write, listen, be quiet, once again
Sportcricket, swimming, tennis, kendo, judo, karate,horse riding, rugby, skiing, soccer, netball,basketball, gymnastics, sumo
Transportbus, train, car, bike, bullet train, ship, plane
Weathersunny, cloudy, rain, snow, cold, hot, cool it, warm
Housephone, hat, arrive, bag, TV
Schoolprincipal’s office, staffroom, toilet, canteen, library, sickroom
Japanese Housekotatsu, cushion, bedding, bath, tatami, shoji, entrance
Leisuresea, mountain, park, movie, fun park, camping
Japanese Toyskendama, origami, kite, spinning top, manga
Clothingskirt, trousers, T-shirt, sweater, jacket, kimono
Bodyeye, ear, mouth, nose, head, shoulder, knee, leg, stomach, chest, hair, face, hand, arm