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Inviting Over the Phone

Students practise inviting/accepting/refusing in a scenario with a partner then participate in a class game where students are chosen at random by their phone number to perform the dialogue. The chosen student accepts or declines according to the destination card they have.

Level: Junior_Secondary


Make copies of the following conversation patterns (A or B) according to the students' language level. Students write their telephone number on a strip of paper and give it to the teacher.


Pre-task: Students form pairs and practice conversing using the dialogue given.
The teacher gives a destination card to each student. Students take turns to pick a strip of paper and call out the telephone number in order to invite someone to go to the destination on their card. The person whose number has been called answers, and s/he is invited to go somewhere. If the destination matches, s/he accepts the invitation, otherwise s/he refuses.

Telephone Picture Cards

Destination cards


Additional Reading

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