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Play: Cinderella

Students act out this children’s story which can be easily understood by an audience with or without knowledge of Japanese. The play can be used by students not only in the classroom but also as a presentation for a school event. There are 9 parts.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Story Outline

This skit is based on the well-known fairy tale. Cinderella is living with her step-mother and two ugly sisters who treat her like a slave. One day, the local prince throws a ball (dance party), and the family is invited. Thanks to the fairy godmother's magic Cinderella is able to go, and the prince chooses Cinderella as his partner. But the magic only works till midnight, and she has to leave.
Will the prince ever find her again?!


The provided cast pictures can be made into finger puppets or enlarged to make masks or 'hats' for use in the performance of the skits.

シンデレラ= Cinderella はなこ= Hanako (ugly sister) ようせい= Fairy Godmother けらい1= Servant1 
とけい= Clock ゆうこ= Yuko  おかあさん = Stepmother おうじさま= Prince けらい2= Servant2



きれい- pretty  ハイヒール-high heels はやく-hurry up  いきたい- want to go  ドレス-dress まって-wait 
いってきます-said when seeing someone off  くつ-shoes  だめだめ-no good 
けっこんしましょう-let's get married かみのけ-hair  むすめ-daughters  ダンスパーティー-dance party 
だいじょうぶよ-don't worry  いきましょう-let's go  いってらっしゃい-said as one leaves the home
とても-very はいてください-please try it (on)  ちょうどいい-just right