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Play: Rabbit’s Present

Students act out this children’s story which can be easily understood by an audience with or without knowledge of Japanese. The play can be used by students not only in the classroom but also as a presentation for a school event. There are 8 parts.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Story Outline

A squirrel postman delivers a parcel containing fruit and vegetable seeds to two bears as a gift from their two rabbit friends. However, the bears are not sure what the seeds are, so they go to the rabbits' place with the parcel.
But the bears drop the seeds on their way to the rabbits' place, and by the time they discover the loss, the seeds have sprouted and grown.


しろくまさんWhite Bear  くろくまさんBlack Bear   しろうさぎさんWhite Rabbit  
くろうさぎさんBlack Rabbit りすさんSquirrel  りんごApple オレンジOrange トマトTomato

Words & Expressions

とんとんとんknock , knock  なかは、なに?what's inside?   わからないI don't know
たべようlet's eat ゆうびんmail  たねseed(s)  こまったな!Oh,no! わーい、わーい!hooray!


Cast Pictures

The provided cast pictures can be made into finger puppets or enlarged to make masks or 'hats' for use in the performance of the skits.

When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the url below.