Classroom Resources

Play: The Big Turnip

Students act out this children’s story which can be easily understood by an audience with or without knowledge of Japanese. The play can be used by students not only in the classroom but also as a presentation for a school event. There are 9 parts.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Story Outline

This story is well known as 'The Big Turnip'. One day a boy sows some turnip seeds from which a huge turnip grows. The boy tries to pull the turnip out, but the turnip doesn't move. He calls his grandfather to help him, but still they cannot pull the turnip out.
The grandmother, father, mother and their pets join in one by one, and finally all together they succeed in pulling out the turnip.


おじいちゃん =Grandfather
おばあちゃん =Grandmother
おとうさん =Father
おかあさん =Mother
おにいちゃん =Elder Brother
おねえちゃん =Elder Sister
いぬ = Dog
ねこ =Cat

Words & Expressions

よいしょ =heave ho
やった=we did it!
わんわん=dog cry
まだ=not yet
にゃお にゃお =cat cry


Cast Pictures

The provided cast pictures can be made into finger puppets or enlarged to make masks or 'hats' for use in the performance of the skits.

When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the URL below.