Classroom Resources

Quiz on Japan

Students learn about the geographical position of Japan in relation to Australia, learn the names of Japan’s main islands and complete a true/false quiz with 15 questions about Japan and its culture.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary


1. にほんはどこ?
Using Worksheet 1, students label the countries including Japan choosing the names from the list. The teacher can add roomaji/hiragana above the names if needed.

2. にほんのしま
Using Worksheet 2, students label the islands in Japan.

3. Quiz on Japan
To assess and /or raise awareness of cultural knowledge about Japan, the teacher may ask questions such as the ones below in the form of a ○×(まるばつ) クイズ (true or false quiz).


  1. The size of Japan is 1/ 20th the size of Australia. ○
  2. Japan is the third most populous country in the world. × (10th)
  3. The population of Japan is 7 times greater than Australia. ○
  4. The capital city of Japan is Kyoto. × (Tokyo)
  5. It takes about 5 hours by plane from Sydney to Tokyo. × (About 9 hrs)
  6. ふじさん is the highest mountain in Japan. ○
  7. About 70 percent of the land in Japan is mountainous. ○
  8. Japan has about 100 volcanoes. × (over 200)
  9. The national flower of Japan is きく(chrysanthemum). × (さくら/Cherry blossoms)
  10. さくら(Cherry blossoms) bloom in summer. × (Spring)
  11. There are about 3000 islands in Japan. ○
  12. The highest speed the しんかんせん (bullet train) reaches is 150km/h. × (300km/h)
  13. There are 2 しんかんせん lines in Japan. × (9 lines)
  14. Japan’s original religion was Buddhism. × (Shintoism)
  15. You can buy Teriyaki burgers in Japan. ○


Question 2: 1st China, 2nd India, 3rd USA, 4th Indonesia, 5th Brazil, 6th Pakistan,
7th Nigeria, 8th Bangladesh, 9th Russia, 10th Japan.
Question 4: Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan.