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Regional Specialities of Japan

Students complete an information gap task while they practise grammar involving how places seem/appear. The topic is major Japanese cities’ special attractions.

Level: Senior_Secondary

Suggested Pre-task

Quiz on Japan (教材リンク)
Students learn about the geographical position of Japan in relation to Australia, learn the names of Japan’s main islands and complete a true/false quiz with 15 questions about Japan and its culture.


Make copies of Sheets A and B for each pair.


Students form pairs. Each pair is given a set of Sheets A and B.
The object of this activity is to work out the information gap by finding out about the special features of major cities in Japan. Information is given on each city as to whether it is a traditional place, a quiet place, has hot spring baths, etc.
Information on special products, tourist spots and festivals of each district is also given. The following are suggested patterns for exchanging information.

Q: さっぽろはどんなところだか知っていますか。
A: でんとうてきなところだそうです。/ みたいです。
  しずかなところのようです。/ みたいです。
  おんせんがあるらしいです。 / みたいです。
Q: さっぽろめいさんひんはなんだかっていますか。
A: さけと、かにだそうです。
Q: さっぽろで何が見られますか。
A: 冬に、ゆきまつりが見られるようです。

SHEET A (provided with furigana)

SHEET B (provided with furigana)


Cut Sheet C into cards. Pairs of students are given a card and information note about Japanese cities and use it to role play a situation at a travel agency.

Information Note

SHEET C (provided)