Classroom Resources

Sealife Games

Students learn the words for 12 sea creatures as they play card games and observation games using the IWB.

Level: Primary, Junior_Secondary

Activity 1: Card Matching Game

Cut out the cards and cut each card in half along the dotted line. Students are divided into groups of 4 or 5 and each group gets a set of cards. Students match up the pairs with the help of pictures on the cards. Then students write the names of each creature in the appropriate speech bubble on the picture sheet.

Activity 2:Karuta/Memory

The cards provided for this game have the 12 creatures separate to their names.

Activity 3: Fishing game

Cut out the picture cards of the sea creatures without cutting down the middle, and put a paper clip on each card. Attach string with a magnet to one end of a stick about 50cm long to make a fishing rod. Students are divided into groups and given fishing rods. As the teacher calls out the name of a creature, group members take turns to look for the card and try to catch it!

Activity 4:Let’s go scuba diving

Make copies of the logbook, and give the students one each. Enlarge the three seascapes and display them on the IWB one at a time. Each time, the students circle the words in the logbook for the sea animals they saw. The teacher may ask them
「なにがいましたか。」, and students report what they saw by saying, for example,
「かにがいました。」. The teacher repeats this using a different seascape.