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Survey the Class

Students survey each other about their likes and dislikes, experience & abilities.

Level: Senior_Secondary


Make copies of Interview Card 1, one per student.


Whole class

Give an interview card to every student. Students circulate around the classroom asking each other questions relating to the contents of the cards. (e.g. PEPSI MAX がすきですか。) When a student finds someone who answers 'Yes' to a question, they get him/her to sign the interview card. The first student to have all the items signed is the winner.


  1. A time limit is set, and the student with the most signatures is the winner.
  2. By using Interview Cards 2 or 3, students can talk about past experience or ability using the patters: ~たことがあります ~ができます、~えますeg. よめますBy using Interview Card 4 students can become familiar with relative clauses and practise adapting phrases like ~ができる人 to the question forms necessary for the activity like ~ができますか.
  3. Students make their own interview cards for the activity.

Interview Cards