Classroom Resources

3 hits

  • Play: Momotaroo

    This play, based on a Japanese folktale, comes from a collection of plays and skits created by the ACT Japanese teachers’ group for use in their primary and junior secondary classrooms. Students work cooperatively in groups or as a class to prepare and perform the play for their classmates or at a school event.

  • Manga: Bumbuku Chagama

    Students read a simple version of the folktale in a manga format and answer 3 questions on the story and themes. Students are introduced to the “tanuki” and learn a Japanese song with 4 animal names and sounds (こぶた、たぬき、きつね、ねこ).

  • Songs: Elephant and Bear

    Students can sing along while they listen to the tune of the Japanese children’s songs. The hiragana is given on the screen of the webpage. The bear song can be echoed by the students in many places, making it easy to learn.